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Selfless Day (8/17)


 We devote every hour to our own desires and survival, but when is it time to give back? We started Selfless Day to open our hearts and share our blessings with other people.

We have created this group to inspire ourselves and others to act in a selfless manner as often as the spirit calls.

We enjoy finding ways to volunteer our time with service organizations but we also want to inspire ourselves and others to find little ways to act selflessly. It can be as simple as going to visit your grandma or fishing out some change for someone who is short at the grocery store. 

Meet J0307's engineer:


Born in PA, moved to LA when I was 4.  Raised in Lawndale, CA influenced by the kids on the block.  Skated, played in bands and ran with a group of mischief makers.  Went through the educational system, did a little community college and joined the workforce.  After partying hard and living it up had an epiphany about life.  I just want to do what's right for me, my community and the world.  There are lots of different perspectives, paths and philosophies but the one that guides me is LOVE.  Peace and following a strong moral code are what makes society great.  Do you want to live in a world of gangsters!? Drugs, prostitution, crime?? Hey I get it, it's a fun fantasy to hear artists rap about... but it's no reality to live in.  I've done some shitty things and I'm not perfect, but I'm not going to perpetuate this ignorant lifestyle any longer.  Join me and J0307 in changing the music world and projecting positive vibes onto our reality.  We need people to get out of this greedy mindset and start respecting each other.  FUCK THE MONEY, JUST LOVE SOMEBODY! 



Tree-hugging, Peace Advocate, Philosorapper.  Programmed to receive signals from the earths people and translate the messages into music. free music.

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